Faction describes the affiliation a Nanovor has. Factions are associated with the various spike attacks. Nanovor of specific factions are generalized into stereotypes. There are three factions:


Magnamod: Magnamods are large and bulky, and are associated with Red Spikes.

Magnamods specialize in hitting hard and having armor, but are the slowest Nanovor.


Velocitrons: Velocitrons have lots of HP and usually no armor, and are associated with Yellow Spikes.

Velocitrons specialize in hacking skills and reducing the enemy's stats, with average speed.


Hexites: Hexites have low HP (usually) and little armor, and are associated with Blue Spikes.

Hexites specialize in attacks that ignore armor and are the fastest Nanovor.

This is the comprehensive list of Nanovor that change factions through Evolution: