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Gamma Stalker 1.0 is the base Nanovor of the Gamma tree and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Gamma Stalker is a unique Magnamod; it deals high damage at a reasonable cost. 2 EN for Hit and Run is pretty solid compared to the damage options of other Nanovor.

Gamma Stalker's other use is not apparent until it evolves into Gamma Stalker 2.0.


  • Gamma Stalker sure acts like a cute little kitten, making weird noises and begging to be scratched behind his antennae. But just like a cat, you’ll be petting him, when PA-CHOW! He turns on you, although instead of a swat with his paw, he gives you a zap of energy. Gamma Stalker does the same thing when he’s fighting other Nanovor. He’ll look all harmless and pace around with a “Who, me? I wouldn’t hurt a fly” attitude. It’s a big fat lie, though, because as soon as he gets another Nanovor thinking nothing’s going to happen, he flicks that antenna around and whacks the other guy. It’s pretty easy to tell when you’ve made Gamma Stalker angry, though—just look for the glow. When you see that happen, get the heck out of there, because he’s crazy and doesn’t seem to care who gets in his way. Ten seconds later, of course, he’ll be back, looking for attention. Weird.

I think this Nanovor survived for so long because he managed to convince the other guys that he isn’t a threat to anyone. After he lulls the suckers into thinking that, he cuts loose when they aren't looking. -Lucas


  • Gamma Stalker is the master of relatively cheap, yet effective, attacks. Blast away with as many Hit and Runs as you think you can get away with, mixing it up with solid Zip Zaps for just a little bit more energy (and a little strength loss each time). When you're thinking about building your swarm, pair him up with a tougher and more expensive Nanovor to step in when he's on the ropes. Gamma Fury 2.0 is a good choice, to give a boost to Gamma Stalker's already killer strength and bring the pain.

Don't tell him, but Gamma Stalker definitely falls into the "expendable" category. He works well as a "second wave" Nanovor after you've built up enough energy to take advantage of his vicious Zip Zap attack. Hit and Run can be used every turn, however, so if you feel the need to get him in there early, don't be worried.

With two energy-efficient attacks, you can easily get an attack in every round before you decide to swap him out. I wouldn't worry about losing him that much, as his cost is low enough that you're not sacrificing that much when he does explode in a pile of goo. You should be able to get a ton of attacks out of Gamma Stalker before that happens.


  • Dodge Gamma Stalker’s Attacks! As Gamma Stalker 1.0 chips away with attacks like Zip Zap and Hit and Run, he can eventually run down any swarm. Save up 3 energy, then bring in your Circuit Flyer 2.0 to put in her Dodge override. With Dodge in play, you have a good chance to turn Gamma Stalker’s Hit and Run into just a Run!
  • Soak up Gamma Stalker’s Attacks! Gamma Stalker 1.0 can chip away at your swarm with his attacks, but each point of armor your Nanovor has is one less point Gamma Stalker can chip a. Magnamods with a lot of natural Armor are the obvious first choices to go up against a Gamma Stalker, but don’t forget that your Electropod 2.0’s Get Tough override and your Tank Strider 1.0’s Defense override can give all the Nanovor in your swarm an armor boost! Then you’ll be able to burst Gamma Stalker’s bubble before he can break through their thick shells.
  • Slow Down Gamma Stalker! If you make Gamma Stalker 1.0 slower, you’ll have a better chance to splatter him before he splatters you! Start with your Phase Stormer 1.0 for a quick Whammy attack. That will drain down Gamma Stalker’s speed and leave him open to attacks from fast Nanovor like your Battle Kraken 2.0. A quick Kraken Smack and then a Tentacle Whip should be all it takes to finish off Gamma Stalker.


  • I found Gamma Stalker by pure luck. While poking around one of the servers at my school, while doing “research” (I had a biology test coming up in a few days and needed some help, but found the attendance records instead. Oops), I stumbled across this weird Nanovor who sat there looking at me and making these sounds like it wanted my attention. It seemed harmless so I went over to take a look.  I swear it was purring. After a minute or so though, this Gamma Stalker had had enough and hit my Nanoscope with a little jolt, as if to say “Ok, that’s enough.” Needless to say, introducing Gamma Stalker to my friends is a hilarious prank when they say “Aww, it’s so cute!” and then he turns on them. Nothing dangerous, you see. But funny!

-Dated Entry: Lucas, 30 days, 1 hour


  • Gamma Stalker seemed to have evolved in a similar manner to Panthera Leo, or the common lion. Traveling in small packs, the Gamma Stalkers became both highly social and highly territorial, with constant infighting to establish dominance. This sometimes translates into vexing and confusing behavior, as they both crave interaction and reject it. However, there is little doubt that the strategy worked and Gamma Stalker is one of the most effective Nanovor yet encountered. 

-Dated Entry: Dr. Zap, 10 days, 19 hours

Possible evolutions include: