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Gamma Stalker still specializes in reasonable damage; 54 damage per round is very harmful, especially when paired with Gamma Stalker 2.0's ARM.

Gamma Stalker's other specialty arises in this form; Gamma Stalker can buff the SPD of himself and even his entire swarm. Use him to get an edge and always land the first attack!


  • Gamma Stalker 2.0 is a really cool evolution. The biggest difference, however, is that if you thought that the original Gamma Stalker was a little bit psycho, you haven't seen this new version yet. He has this really cool ability to phase out and completely disappear, just to show up on the other side of whatever he's fighting. While it works great in battle, he'll do it whenever just to be a jerk, I think. Sort of a "look at me! Look at me! NOW, DON'T LOOK AT ME!" craziness.



This Nanovor was made available with the release of wave 1 on 07/30/09. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Gamma Stalker 1.0 using the EMs 1M2, 1M1 and 1M4 in that order.


  • Gamma Stalker 2.0 works great in the endgame, when you need to deal that decisive blow and get the job done. His attacks are cheap with fantastic results. Jump Jab packs a serious punch and can usually be done every round if you aren't interested in stockpiling energy. And the cost of Speed Boost is a total bargain to slap some additional speed on your swarm. Keep him in reserve and build up a big bank of energy. When you're facing something big and heavy, like another Magnamod, pop off Speed Boost to make him numero uno in the order of attack. Or, you can bring him in early, then use his override before swapping him out and keeping him as an ace in the hole for later. With his nice armor, he should be able to soak up most of the hits he'll take while you build up the energy to pull it off. When he's done being helpful to the rest of your swarm, turn to Phase Fang for a little more damage. If you pop up a Red Spike override, it'll also pull a swap block on your pesky opponent to set up for a nice Jump Jab finishing move.


  • Watch Out for the Block! If Gamma Stalker uses the Red Spike override, he’ll swap-block your active Nanovor, so make sure you’ve got a Nanovor up against him who has heavy armor, like your Electropod 2.0 or Mega Scorpion 2.0.
  • Deal More Damage! Start with your Electrobull 1.0 and use Gore for one round to save up enough energy to Dig In. Then, pass for a round and let your hefty Electro Bull take a hit so that your Mega Scorpion 2.0 can Acid Sting Gamma Stalker into an innocent little puddle.
  • Use Attacks that Ignore Armor! Begin with your Circuit Flyer 2.0 and Pierce through Gamma Stalker’s thick armor. Then, swap in your Mega Scorpion 2.0 for a Megablast. Finish by bringing in Circuit Flyer back for an encore and Pierce for the win!


  • As of yet, I have not been able to determine Gamma Stalker 2.0's role in prehistoric Nanovor society.  More research is required. 

-Dr. Zap

Possible evolutions include: