Gamma Stalker 3.0 is the evolution of Gamma Stalker 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Gamma Stalker 3.0 is more like an alternative form to Gamma Stalker 2.0 than it is an evolution; for starters, it has the same SV as its predecessor, the only difference being slightly less sheer damage for your EN.

Gamma Stalker 3.0 is more focused on Gamma Stalker's secondary role of SPD management; every single move Gamma Stalker can use will either speed himself up or slow down the target. Use Gamma Stalker 3.0 if you prefer to sabotage faster enemies, and use Gamma Stalker 2.0 if you prefer speeding up your own swarm.

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.

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