Giga Siren 1.0

Giga Siren 1.0 is the evolution of Gigastriker 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Giga Siren is the odd one out in it's evolution line; it doesn't really know where it falls. It looks kinda like a catfish, too.

Giga Siren can deal pretty basic damage and seems to bully Magnamods specifically. All of it's attacks ignore ARM, or at least, against slow Magnamods they do.

Also, Giga Siren 1.0 can weaken incoming damage by using Sonic Strike and Siren Sphere, which both lower the opponent's STR and have their own secondary effect.


  • Giga Siren is a total diva and knows it. Absolutely gorgeous as it moves, Giga Siren is like watching ballet and listening to opera rolled into one. It doesn't so much go into battle as it does float into a conflict, with a full orchestral soundtrack behind it. Other Nanovor just revere Giga Siren and most seem a bit reluctant to go into battle with one, maybe because they get suckered by its looks or maybe because they know what Giga Siren is capable of doing in combat. Giga Siren uses its powers to hypnotize the other guy so he doesn't know what's going on. I've known quite a few share of girls in my class that do the same thing. Not that it's ever happened to me. Nooooo. Of course, not...



  • There are Nanovor that you can throw out on to the battlefield without thinking and then there is Giga Siren. This stunning-looking Nanovor requires a great deal of thought to use effectively. Like any diva, you have to give it the right stage and motivation or its talent is wasted. Giga Siren works to slowly shut down an opponent's strongest Nanovor. Conveniently, this usually includes the slower Nanovor who suffer more damage from its Incinerate attack and get their armor completely ignored. Siren Strike is a mod, meaning there are very few ways to deal with its consequences (a strength loss). Sonic Sphere is also a mod and also causes a serious drain on the opponent's energy pool, from which only a round spent doing nothing will help. Giga Siren is tough enough to stand more than a few rounds of combat, but don't be ashamed to get it in there to use Siren Sphere to ping the enemy's energy pool and strength followed by Sonic Strike. This great ability is cheap, but whittles away at the opponent Nanovor's strength. Even if you don't keep Giga Siren in play, your opponent is going to have make tough choices on whether to keep their weakening active Nanovor out there or swap in someone else to hear the song of Giga Siren.


  • Make Your Muscles Grow! Hexites aren't known for their armor, so take advantage of their weakness and do some heavy damage. Start off with a nice Head Whip from your Plasma Lash 1.0, then swap in your Spike Spine 1.0 and Power Rush for some extra strength. Now that you're pumped, bring in a beefy Magnamod like Mega Scorpion 2.0 and attack with Acid Sting. You'll do even more damage than usual!
  • Do Some Cheap Damage! There's nothing like doing damage for only 1 EN. Start off with your Tank Walker 2.0 and attack for two rounds with Headbutt. Now you've saved up enough energy for a heavier damage attack like your Phase Tank 1.0's Cosmic Crush!
  • Bring On the Bulls! Electrobull 1.0 has a great cheap attack that you can use to save up some energy. Start off the battle with its Gore attack, then upgrade a little and swap in your Electrobull 2.0 to attack with Bull Blast. This attack should shock Giga Siren into a pile of Giga ash!


  • Just like Tank Circuit entertained the masses with low-brow displays of combat, Giga Siren served as a much more refined entertainer who gave impressive shows of its speed and agility. Based on my (limited) understanding of Nanovor physiology, Giga Siren seemed to thrive in these shows, drawing on the energy of the crowd as they danced, sang, and even fought other Nanovor in highly-ritualized combat. I have come to understand that while the combat were heavy on the theatrics, they were still very vicious and deadly and poor performers lost more than just the crowd's approval. 
-Dr. Zap (26)

Giga Siren 1.0 charging Siren Sphere

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.

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