Gigastriker 1.0

Gigastriker 1.0 is the base Nanovor of the Giga tree and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Gigastriker shares it's fragility with it's sister, Spike Spine; low HP and low ARM. However, it's high SPD and low EN usage compensates and makes Gigastriker a fantastic Hexite.

Gigastriker 1.0 can keep up a constant barrage of attack, since none of its moves cost more than 2 EN. 29 armor-ignoring damage is a nice choice usually, but if you can predict the opponent, you can use Meltdown to fizzle opponents preparing expensive attacks and help Gigastriker endure until it's reinforcements arrive.


  • Gigastriker is totally Zen, like one of those wise old monks who can just whip out a kung fu attack without ever losing their cool.  Instead of martial arts, though, Gigastriker uses its mind as a weapon, launching a psychic disk at its opponent in a kind of surprise sonic attack.  I’ve decided to call this a Gigazap! It also has this other attack called a Meltdown.  You can tell when Gigastriker is using this attack because it hunkers down and this glowing ball appears between its pincers.  When the pincers snap down, a blast shoots from its mouth and does two kinds of damage to whatever enemy it hits.  I like the Gigastriker because it's always cool, calm and collected, no matter what else is going on.  It never gets ruffled by opponents who try to psyche it out, but you can see how its calm really provokes them!



  • When you think of Gigastriker, think: "ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!" Its attacks are dirt cheap, allowing you to keep up a constant barrage that whittles down the opposing Nanovor -- with those costs, there's almost no reason why you shouldn't be attacking every round. Meltdown is awesome; though it doesn't deal a lot of damage, reducing the opponent's energy each turn can really hurt them in the long run. If you've already scouted out your opponent's swarm, and know that he's got a Nanovor with some pretty expensive abilities, Gigastriker can Meltdown that big bank, preventing them from bringing out the entire arsenal. Just remember that Gigastriker can dish it out, but without armor and a relatively low health, it'll probably take some serious punishment. Ignore it and keep using those mind powers!


  • Combine Light and Heavy Damage! Can’t stand that Gigastriker always zaps your energy? Hit it twice with a guy like Plasma Lash who can deal damage for just 1 EN with Head Butt. Then, bring out a big hitter like Electro Bull 1.0 who can Bull Zap for the final blow.
  • Freeze the Meltdown! There’s nothing worse than a fizzle! Since Gigastriker keeps draining your EN, use a Nanovor whose attacks don’t cost too much. Start with a 1 EN attack like Electropod 1.0’s Electroshock. Then, swap in your Battle Kraken for a Tentacle Whip, and repeat this attack until Gigastriker is eliminated.
  • Use Speed to Guarantee the Final Blow! Gamma Stalker 2.0 packs a powerful punch—hit Gigastriker with Phase Fang to weaken it significantly. Then, swap in Spike Spine for the finishing blow with Charge. Spike Spine is so fast, Gigastriker won’t even get a hit in!


  • Gigastriker was then, as it is now, part of the Hexite family. These are by far the quickest and most powerful Nanovor. We’re not talking about brute force here at all, but real power – the kind that can transcend the physical world. Not surprising qualities, considering they originally arose from comet matter on the young Earth’s surface. Gigastrikers basically served the ancient Hexite family as security patrols who would guard the parameter set up by Hexites to keep out other Nanovor. Gigastriker had huge self-discipline and the ability to control their own minds. They only engaged in battle when necessary, but once they unleashed their incredible mind power and forceful attacks, there was never much resistance. 

-Dr. Zap

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