Gigastriker 2.0

Gigastriker 2.0 is the evolution of Gigastriker 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Gigastriker shares it's fragility with it's sister, Spike Spine; low HP and low ARM. However, it's high SPD and low EN usage compensates and makes Gigastriker a fantastic Hexite.

Although the evolution ramps up the EN usage (and manipulation), Gigastriker 2.0 retains its handy ability to attack cheaply with Gigazap.

Psi-Strike is a useful tool to cause fizzles (and burn EN if the opponent has a Giga Wing or Spike Hornet) and to put Tank Strider 2.0 out of commission.


  • I've been in sports pretty much since I could walk and I know a thing or two about what it means to be "in the zone." Most of the guys look at me funny when I talk about it, until I tell Monty to describe what happens when he's kicking butt in his Gunsuit game. It's hilarious, he gets all animated and wide-eyed, talking about how he feels like he's one with the console with total concentration. When I explained that that's what the zone is, he gets it and immediately realized that that's pretty much how Gigastriker 2.0 works. This little guy just "is" doing everything without thought, but with absolute intensity. You have to admire him for that.



  • Gigastriker 2.0 works best in swarms lead by a player who uses his brain and likes to come at his opponent from three different angles. None of his attacks deal tremendous damage, but if you don't get obsessed about knocking out a Nanovor every round, you'll be doing just fine. Gigastriker doesn't have a huge amount of health, so keep him on the move, using Psychic Drain to seriously lower the strength of the bigger Nanovor or using Psi-strike to keep your opponent's energy pool low. Then, get him out of there and let another Nanovor do the talking. He's also great for your first round pick. With his top-end speed, he's likely to go first and keep your opponent on defense throughout the rest of the battle.


  • Use Energy Against It! It certainly doesn't seem fair that Gigastriker always has enough energy, so why not teach it a lesson? Wait until the opponent has a lot of energy; then, swap in your Spike Hornet 1.0 and attack with Gutbuster. This attack will do damage based on EN! Now Gigastriker will think twice before boosting its EN!
  • Use Combination Attacks! Start the battle with your Spike Spine 1.0 and Charge. Then, use your Spike Spine 1.0 to put in a Blue Spike. Now you have enough EN to swap in your Spike Spine 3.0! Attack with Spine Sting, which will not only do some heavy damage, but also take away some EN from the opponent's swarm!
  • Speed Up! If you don't feel like you even have a chance of going first, then use an attack that'll make you speed up! When you have enough EN, bring out your Storm Spinner 2.0 and attack with Speed Demon. This attack will do some moderate damage, and more importantly, Storm Spinner will get faster!


  • Like their earlier versions, Gigastriker 2.0s served as perimeter guards, constantly on the move to keep an eye out for interlopers. This 2.0 version rarely demonstrated their superiority over their subordinates, serving as mentors in order to help talented individuals in their own evolution. If the mind of a Nanovor is difficult to fathom, what goes on inside the brain of Gigastriker 2.0 is almost impossible to comprehend. 

-Dr. Zap

Possible evolutions include:

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