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Hyperblade 1.0.png

Hyperblade 1.0 is the evolution of Hyper Ripper 2.0 and is a Wave 2 Nanovor.

Hyperblade is the craziest member of the Hyper family; just what influenced it's design!? This blade-wielding banana is a menace in the Nanovor metagame:

  • High HP and ARM; it's not going down without a fight!
  • Obliterate! That'll throw a wrench into anyone's plans.
  • Frost! Moderate damage, affordable, and double the pain with a Red Spike!
  • Hyperslash! Heavy damage to let Hyperblade go out with a bang!

This Nanovor was first made available 05/15/10

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.