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Hypertusk seems to be a carefree Nanovor; it's moves seem gross and without manners, launching stinkbombs and burping and whatnot. It seems to be an effective battling strategy for Hypertusk.

Hypertusk seems similar to Electrobull; it just might be their shared love of jabbing the opponent with their tusks. Hypertusk, however, focuses on increasing the swarm's SPD as opposed to Electrobull's STR ability.

Below is a table comparing the stats of the two:

Electrobull 1.0 100 130 10 25 260
Hypertusk 1.0 125 125 10 25 265

With more EN however, Electrobull can dish out more damage, so its up to you who to choose.

Possible evolutions include:


  • Okay, I find gross stuff cool, but Hypertusk 1.0 still gets to me sometimes. If it’s not shooting a huge fart bubble at the other guy, then it’s burping in the other guy’s face! Clearly, Hypertusk 1.0 doesn’t care too much about personal image, or hygiene for that matter! It’s possible that Hypertusk 1.0 just doesn’t have time to be clean, but who are we kidding: it loooovvess being messy. It does look pretty tired though, I mean if you look at it between attacks, it looks like it’s drifting off (maybe dreaming happily of a world without showers). I’ve gotta admit though, I’ve got a soft spot for the little guy. Hypertusk 1.0 reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to romp around outside in the mud and then run all over my mom’s fancy carpets. I’m almost jealous of the ‘vor; Hypertusk 1.0 is one carefree character.



This Nanovor was first made available 03/25/10. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Hyper Ripper 1.0 using the EMs 2M2, 2M3 and 2M2 in that order.


  • Hypertusk 1.0 is a great Nanovor to use when you need some moderate damage done. Bring it in a hitter mid-game to attack with Infection and set the opponent back. Attack with Hyperspeed as much as possible to ensure that your Hypertusk 1.0 is one of the speediest Nanovor in the battle. Then, once Hypertusk 1.0 is essentially unbeatable, use it as a finisher—bring it in to attack Nanovor who are at really low health, and Hypertusk 1.0 won’t take a hit. It’ll also be useful against those Nanovor with thick Armor. Swap Hypertusk 1.0 in for a large burst of Belch when that Armor becomes too much to handle.


  • Don’t let it Speed Up! Hypertusk 1.0 loves to work the game to his advantage by constantly going first. Put it in its place by starting off with your Turbo Cannon 1.0 and attaching with Avalanche for two rounds. Then you’ll have enough energy to swap in your Mega Scorpion 2.0 and attack with Acid Sting. Hypertusk 1.0 will be nothing but a distant memory!
  • Subtract Some Energy! Begin the battle with your Plasma Locust 1.0 and attack with Headbutt for two rounds. Then, swap in your War Charger 1.0 and use War Dance to do some armor-piercing damage and snatch away some energy!
  • Try out the Dodge! What’s so scary about Hypertusk 1.0 is that its tusks pierce through the toughest of armors. No one likes to take that kind of damage, so try to Dodge its frightening weapons by starting the battle with your Electrobull 1.0 and attacking with Gore. Then, swap in your Circuit Flyer 2.0 to use the Dodge Override. Hopefully, your swarm will get lucky and duck under those tusks!


  • It would be fair to suggest that Hypertusk 1.0 never even had to enter a battle to defeat its enemies—surely they could smell this repugnant Nanovor from miles away. I must admit, it’s even difficult to perform research on it. Though its aura of stench is still relatively miniscule, considering its microscopic size, I can nevertheless catch occasional toxic whiffs of its unpleasant odor. It is clearly an extremely effective weapon, sort of a diversion, much like the “stink bombs” that many students in the school use to cause a ruckus.

-Dr. Zap

Possible evolutions include: