Megadoom 1.0

Megadoom 1.0 is the evolution of Mega Scorpion 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Megadoom has gone off the path of the Magnamod and onto the path of the Velocitrons; as is evident by its massive HP pool and crazy SPD change. However, Megadoom still has some ARM to hold on to from his roots, making him very tough.

Megadoom also continues the tradition of swap-blocking enemies, but now focuses almost entirely on slowing down the target, which can be effective if facing off against Hexites; otherwise, his 55 SPD should already be enough to suffice.


  • Megadoom (or as I call it: Megadoooooooom!) is one smooth Nanovor. As a metamorphosis from the Mega Scorpion family, you know that it's got ice in its veins. It's calm and composed while it guts opponents with massive, armored legs. Nothing rattles it either and I've never seen a Nanovor that seemed to be thinking so much about its next move. Or twelve moves. That's the thing: it's always ready to snatch victory from defeat and look super bad in the process. It's like James Bond, dressed in its tuxedo and driving next year's super-classy sports car, looking uber-suave, but toting a machine gun to lay down some mayhem on the bad guys.



  • Megadoom's two key attacks, Taser and Mega Boom, work great on two levels. First, when the game begins, start off with Megadoom to face off with the first Nanovor that your opponent puts out there. Mega Boom makes even the most caffeinated Nanovor turn into a total slow poke, and is fantastic for shutting down other Velocitrons or making the achingly low-speed Magnamods into sitting ducks. Second, wait until the end of the game before you reveal Megadoom. When you use Taser on some already weakened (or slow, or both) Nanovor, the other guy is going to be pulling his hair out at the fact that he can't swap anything out. Taser is pretty expensive, but keeps the other Nanovor in a fight way, way longer than they probably want to be there, on top of dishing out some damage that definitely will get their attention. Control when your opponent can act and its just a matter of deciding if you want to kill them fast and painless or slow and agonizing.


  • Use the Spike Overrides! To do some of the coolest attacks, sometimes you've gotta use a round to play a Spike override. Start off the round with your Spike Spine 1.0 and put in a Blue Spike. Then, swap in your Giga Wing 1.0 and Gob Smack the opponent. With the Blue Spike in play, this attack does double damage!
  • Make Megadoom Do Less Damage! Start off with your Tank Walker 1.0 and Tank Gore Megadoom. Then, swap in your Doom Blade 2.0 to attack with Blunt Trauma! This attack will both ignore armor and take away some of Megadoom's scary strength.
  • Blast Off Its Armor! There's not much time to wait around, so start the battle with Electrobull 1.0 and pass the turn. Now you'll have enough energy to swap in your Battle Kraken 2.0 and attack with Fathom Blast. This attack will take away 10 armor, so Megadoom will be Mega vulnerable!


  • Megadoom is one of the earliest examples that we've seen so far of a complete metamorphosis occurring with the Nanovor. Considering how fast the world moves for these nanoscopic creatures, it comes to no surprise that their evolution happens at speeds that can be witnessed by our remarkably lethargic points of view. It's only through the power of the Nanoscope that we can view these amazing transformations take place before our very eyes. I look forward to seeing what evolutionary surprises the other Nanovor we've discovered have in store. 

-Dr. Zap


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