Nanovor Wiki


Nanovor are the oldest living Creatures on earth. These microscopic, silicon-based life-forms dominated the nitrogen covered earth at its inception, battling for territory, food and mates just like dinosaurs would in a later era. Earth's evolution to an oxygen-based atmosphere caused the nanovor to go extinct and covered the planet with their corpses, which became what we know as sand, crystal and silicon. In 1961 Texas Instruments first used a silicon chip inside a computer, it contained a nanovor; when electricity pulsed through the computer chip, the dormant creature was awakened. The Nanovor's existance in Earth's oxygen-based atmosphere requires massive amounts of adrenaline which serves as their life suport system. Without a high level of metabolic activity, they will fall into a crystalized state again---in fact, the Nanovor are fighting for their lives.

There are currently exactly 124 Nanovor in existence:

69 Nanovor in Wave 1 (including 5 RAD Nanovor)

55 Nanovor in Wave 2 (No RAD Nanovor)