Nanovor Evolution is the second online game created by Smith and Tinker in which players battle using insect like creatures called Nanovor. Nanovor Evolution is different that its predecessor in three main ways. First, Nanovor Evolution is in full 3D, a large improvement over the 2D animations featured in the original nanovor. Second, Nanovor Evolution has a free roam feature, which includes a 3D avatar builder, as well as mini-games. Thirdly, Nanovor no longer evolve the way they did before. Instead of evolving into completely different creatures that shared the same prefix, each nanovor evolves into an amped-up version of itself with a more complex design scheme. Although Nanovor Evolution is free, there were membership cards created to enhance the play experience. Also, Nanovor could be purchased without the aid of nanocash, the paid money in the first version. The nanoscope serves a different function in Nanovor Evolution, as the gameplay is different. Jolts could still be earned, but nanovor could no longer be copied into the Nanoscope. However, if you connected the device with the computer, you would be allowed to transfer any Nanovor you desired from the first game onto your Nanoscope. Some time in 2010, Nanovor Evolution shut down, but Smith and Tinker has claimed it to come out in 2012, Feburary, although doubts are now circulating in the community. However, Smith and Tinker will be back online game 2012, June.

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