Phase Spiker 1.0

Phase Spiker 1.0 is the evolution of Phase Stormer 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Don't tread on Phase Spiker 1.0; this sky viper will make you regret ever messing with it! Phase Stormer develops sharp teeth and a second pair of eyes in this form, and an elongated, floating body.

For 265 SV, you get a Hexite with ARM, decent SPD, and significantly heightened offensive prowess; Asp Kiss deals 52 damage for just 2 EN!

Flying Fang targets most Magnamods and other evolved Nanovors, dealing 98 damage to targets with STR stats surpassing 120.

Phase Spiker 1.0 can slowly strangle the enemy with Energy Drain, ignoring armor, cutting off their EN, and strengthening Phase Spiker.

Phase Spiker will need some EN to use some of its powers; Flying Fang takes a lot. Make sure to only use it when the target has more than 120 STR!


  • Phase Spiker is definitely a Nanovor that needs to go through some counseling! His fangs drip with nasty poison and I think that some gland inside his body is a bit too close to his brain or something. It's kinda hard to keep Phase Spiker from just going completely aggro on the battlefield, which is both a good and bad thing. Even though he looks like a weird snake or eel, it's more fitting to think of Phase Spiker as that bull in a china shop (which I'd just love to see actually happen some day). If you just need to cause some chaos for a little bit, Phase Spiker is great, but he's definitely going to need to eat a cookie, lay down in a cool, dark place for awhile and get back to his happy place when he's done.



  • As was mentioned above, Phase Spiker is a spoiler for when your opponent is swimming in energy or comes out with some huge Nanovor (like Magnamods) with thick armor or really high strength. You can keep him in your back pocket until you have a lot of energy your own, then swap him in to use Energy Drain whenever your opponent is starting to look a little flush. Because Phase Spiker starts off with a pretty high strength, his Flying Fang ability is most effective against a couple dozen or Nanovor right off the bat--Phase Tank, Ram Roller 3.0, Electrobull 3.0, and Megadoom, just off the top of my head. Of course, this list could grow by quite a bit if your opponent puts out Nanovor that boost strength (there are a lot of them) or if Phase Spiker has taken a couple of hits to his own strength through hacks.


  • Beat It to the Crush! So it seems like Phase Tank keeps attacking with Cosmic Crush and there's Zap That Energy! Start off with a Storm Spinner 1.0 and use Crystal Trap to ensure that Phase Spiker won't scurry off. Then, swap in your Gigastriker 1.0 and attack with Meltdown. Zap even more energy by swapping in your Spike Hornet 1.0 and attacking with Heckle.
  • Take Away Its Strength! Phase Spiker likes to buff itself up with a mod in Energy Drain, so start off with your Plasma Lash 2.0 and attack with Electro-lite. Now if Phase Spiker tries to make itself stronger, it'll be much less effective!
  • Use Cheap Attacks! Phase Spiker will keep taking away your energy, so instead of spending a turn on getting it back, simply use Nanovor that have cheap but devastating damage attacks. Anything from Tank Walker 2.0's Headbutt to Electrobull 1.0's Gore would work perfectly!


  • In clinical terms, Phase Spiker could probably be considered a psychotic. It's intensely aggressive, belligerent, and almost impossible to control. Phase Spiker served a similar capacity as the berserkers of legend--powerful warriors who would goad themselves into a fury and then launch themselves into battle with little to protect them other than their skill and ferocity. Phase Spiker is much better off than some poor Viking, with remarkable abilities and attacks. I'm curious to see how Nanovor dealt with these savage individuals when there wasn't fighting going on... 

-Dr. Zap

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.

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