Phase Stormer 2.0 is the evolution of Phase Stormer 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

What is Phase Stormer supposed to be? Why does it have a window on that thing on its head? What is that thing on its head? There are so many questions I have about this Nanovor...

Phase Stormer 2.0's Slip Slash is a one-up of Whammy, which further promotes its role in SPD sabotage.

Ice Storm is a one-up of Icy Sigh, dealing more damage and unfortunately, EN as well.

Wind Chill is a new move that swap-blocks the target for a short while and a Yellow Spike causes the target to lose 10 ARM.

There is still nothing quite spectacular about Phase Stormer 2.0, and there are many other Velocitrons worthy of taking this one's spot in the swarm. Or maybe I'm just using him wrong...

Possible evolutions include:

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