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Plasma Lancer definitely is the oddball in his family; I don't remember any Plasma Lashes or Locusts with teeth or tusks!

Plasma Lancer is the only member of the Plasma family that has ARM, and is extremely fast too. He can even increase the STR of his swarm with Bulk Up, preparing his friends for a sweep.

Plasma Lancer 1.0 has considerable competition with Plasma Lash 3.0 (who costs less SV) and Plasma Locust 3.0 (who costs more SV), but can still find his own place somewhere in the Nanovor metagame.


  • Holy skeleton face, Batman! This Nanovor is one crazy creature! From afar it looks like a Plasma Lash that's had some weird plastic surgery to attach bones to its face. Close up, Plasma Lancer 1.0 looks even creepier. On its bony, tusky face, it's got all these tribal markings that seem both threatening and beautiful. But while it looks totally foreboding, it seems pretty empty-headed. Between battles, it just sits around thrashing its teeth and tusks, eager to bite into some innocent Nanoflesh. It seems extremely single-minded: give it something to fight, and this creature of the night is good to go!



This Nanovor was made available 12/24/09. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Plasma Lash 2.0 using the EMs 1V4, 1V2, 1V1 and 1V6 in that order.


  • Though Plasma Lancer 1.0 would be a threatening Nanovor to start the battle with, hold back: it's played best mid-game. Bring Plasma Lancer in when you have enough energy to attack with Meltdown. Since this attack also reduces Plasma Lancer's strength, it would be wise not to use it too often. Meltdown would be used most effectively near the end of the battle. Plasma Lancer should be used like your swarm's secret weapon. Swap it in to finish guys off, or swap it in to do a heavy blow, but for the most part, hold back to keep some strength on.


  • Shrink Its Muscles! Plasma Lancer likes to play with its own strength, bulking up some times and melting down others. Make sure that it stays weak by siphoning away its strength stats. Start off with your Tank Strider 1.0 and pass the round. Then, swap in your Doom Blade 2.0 and attack with Blunt Trauma. The next time Plasma Lancer tries to attack, its muscles will be like popped balloons.
  • Tie Down the Tusks! Though Plasma Lancer 1.0's got some pretty hefty health, it'll still be no match for the damage you could do in a swap-block! Start off with your Storm Spinner 1.0 and use Crystal Trap to stop Plasma Lancer from bounding away. Then, swap in your Electrobull 2.0 and use Bull Blast to blast away some health! Swap in your Gamma Stalker 2.0 to use Zip Zap and then finish it off with a quick guy like your Spike Spine 1.0.
  • Zap That Energy! Plasma Lancer's got some great attacks, but all of them cost 2 or more EN. Start off with your Gigastriker 1.0 and put in a Blue Spike. Then, swap in your Battle Kraken 3.0 and attack with Blue Blast. Plasma Lancer will fizzle and its health total will be significantly diminished!


  • Curious. Plasma Lancer 1.0's appearance is unlike that of any other Nanovor. Though similar in shape to its cousin Plasma Lash, its facial skin is virtually nonexistent. Examination of its markings has proved inconclusive, though it is reasonable to posit that these markings were drawn as a sign of tribal unity, much like the facial paint used by the Sioux. It is highly likely that Plasma Lancers fought on the front lines of battle, ready to scare off the opposing armies with their fierce appearance. If the armies weren't shocked by their appearance, they surely would by Plasma Lancer's electric ranged attack, flung with surprising force off of its bony head. 

-Dr. Zap

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.