Plasma Lancer 1.0 is the evolution of Plasma Lash 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Plasma Lancer definitely is the oddball in his family; I don't remember any Plasma Lashes or Locusts with teeth or tusks!

Plasma Lancer is the only member of the Plasma family that has ARM, and is extremely fast too. He can even increase the STR of his swarm with Bulk Up, preparing his friends for a sweep.

Plasma Lancer 1.0 has considerable competition with Plasma Lash 3.0 (who costs less SV) and Plasma Locust 3.0 (who costs more SV), but can still find his own place somewhere in the Nanovor metagame.

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.

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