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Plasma Lash 1.0 is the base Nanovor of the Plasma tree and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Plasma Lash specializes as a kind of "bang for your buck" Nanovor due to its low SV compensating for it's mediocre stats.

Plasma Lash 1.0 is the cheapest Nanovor to add to any swarm; with a mere 155 SV, you'll likely find space for it somewhere. It's specialty is the high HP value and reducing the STR of the opponent, and typically does not last long without some help of ARM overrides.

It is particularly useful for setting Yellow Spike overrides at the cheapest possible cost.


  • Plasma Lash moves like a champion boxer, with total grace and a surprising snap to the end of his attacks.  Quick and strong, Plasma Lash is extremely competitive, and can always be counted on to take the combat up a notch. Just to look at, Plasma Lash is pretty scary. He has gnarly legs and a big tentacle coming out of his head.  In battle, he can come in close and head whip his opponent with his tentacle, or use it from further away to whip out an Electro-lite attack.



  • The best way to use Plasma Lash is right there in his name: get out there and lash away hyperactively. Plasma Lash is a great Nanovor to send in first in a battle--use Head Whip for a couple rounds to get in early digs, then surprise your opponent by hitting them with Electro-lite to take away some of their guy's strength and still have a lot of energy you can use to spark off the next part of your battle plan. Or, keep using Electro-lite until the Plasma Lash falls down, leaving the survivor weakened and (hopefully) an easy target for the next Nanovor you bring in.  And don't forget that Plasma Lash can totally set up your other Velocitrons with a Yellow Spike override.


  • Trap Plasma Lash in the Arena! The unarmored Plasma Lash will often annoy you by bouncing in the arena to Head Whip your Nanovor and then immediately swap out. Bring in your Mega Scorpion 1.0 for a quick Poison Pinch that will block Plasma Lash from swapping for 3 rounds. Then use a solid attack like your Phase Spiker 1.0's Asp Kiss until Plasma Lash gets to leave the arena again—in pieces!
  • Let Plasma Lash Try to Beat up Your Magnamods! Plasma Lash has attacks that don’t cost much energy, so he’ll be attacking pretty much every turn. But cheap attacks are weak attacks, so bring in your Magnamods! Most of Plasma Lash’s attacks will bounce off the shells of Magnamods like your Tank Walker 1.0 as he uses his Tank Gore attack to smash Plasma Lash to bits.


  • You want cool? I'll give you cool: When I asked Doc how long Nanovor might have been lying dormant before Lucas found them with his Nanoscope, Doc helped me put a sample Tank Strider into a mass spectrometer so we could use radiometric dating to figure out how old it might be. Turns out that a Nanovor that's been jolted back into activity is a poor subject for that kind of testing; Doc says that they have a "volatile geolectrical susbstitute for a central nervous system" that apparently messes with whatever isotopes the radiometry is trying to detect. But when we repeated the experiment with a still-dormant Plasma Lash the results said that it had been 'born' more than three billion years ago! If that's not amazing enough, Doc said that part of its composition was made up of material similar to "chondrules," little balls of olivine and pyroxene that formed at super-high temperatures in the early days of the solar system...but we usually only find those as part of meteorites that fall to Earth!

-Dated entry:  Monty, 12 days, 4 hours


  • One of the most fascinating aspects of Nanovor is their potential for induced evolution. Though our success with modulated induction has been impressive, we still don't know how far we'll be able to push these changes, and the potential for evoking new abilities in the Nanovor may be unlimited. However, another interesting path has recently presented itself, as I have discovered that properly modulating the evolution of particular Nanovor can cause them to undergo a complete phase-shift, metamorphing into entirely different creatures. Particularly intriguing is the metamorphosis of 6-Alpha, "Plasma Lash." High-speed electron micrography has allowed me to observe moment by moment as the muscular electrostat on the creature's head divides into two 'tentacles' and its internal morphology shifted to grant it not new but a wholly different set of abilities. As part of the same evolutionary family as Plasma Lash, I've labelled this creature 6-Beta; in his own colorful taxonomy, Lucas has dubbed it a "Plasma Locust." 

-Dated Entry: Dr. Zap, 5 days, 2 hours

Possible evolutions include: