Plasma Locust 1.0

Plasma Locust 1.0 is the evolution of Plasma Lash 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Plasma Locust is an attempt by Plasma Lash to take a more offensive role in combat; even his STR reducing tactics can involve damage when powered with a Yellow Spike.

Plasma Locust 1.0 is capable of dealing more damage than Plasma Lash 2.0 if you play your cards right, those cards being lots of EN to spare. Thankfully, it can stockpile EN with Headbutt to save up for such expensive attacks.

It is also notable that Plasma Locust is considerably more expensive to the swarm than Plasma Lash for the cost of the swarm. Keep in mind that Plasma Lash 3.0 costs only 10 more SV than this little locust.


  • Plasma Locust is a morbid little Nanovor that seems to take a particular interest in the way in which other Nanovor die. It watches the explosions, decapitations, dismemberments and other gruesome deaths with a clinical eye. You can just imagine Plasma Locust, after turning another Nanovor into a puddle of fluids, saying "Hmmmm, interesting," and then jotting down some notes in a tiny note pad. It's not a psycho killer like Doom Mantis, though. It's more like it's a forensic scientist (or a mad scientist) who gets into the thick of things to watch how Nanovor die. It's not afraid to "conduct" its own "experiments," that's for sure, and fights like no one's business. This makes it pretty pompous and sinister in its own way, so it's not exactly the kind of guy that you'll be taking to a party or anything.



  • Plasma Locust is a good, basic Velocitron that you can use to bolster your forces and fill out your ranks. It's all about the offense, however, and doesn't have much in the way of armor or health to keep it around that long. It doesn't really care though, since it's just as willing to buy it on behalf of the swarm, perhaps to gain some insight into how Nanovor "die" and reform later on. Headbutt is a good attack to use round after round, since you'll be slowly gaining energy each time that you use it, due to its low cost. Wait until you have enough energy in your pool to hit the other guy with Arc Blast if he has some armor, then go back and forth between Headbutt and Plasma Blast to give it a quivering mass of goo to experiment with later on. For more fun, use Plasma Blast with a Yellow Spike and watch as your opponent becomes their own quivering mass of goo when their Nanovor suddenly loses strength AND health. Plasma Locust really loves being teamed up with other Nanovor that boost speed and armor, the two things that it's a bit short on. Watch out if your opponent brings out a Nanovor that swap blocks, because Plasma Locust doesn't have that much staying power and if it's there for more than a few rounds, it'll probably get pasted. If this happens, it's best to unleash everything you have, regardless of the cost so it'll at least go out in the name of science.


  • Save It for the Finale! Plasma Locust can’t help but be frightening, so frighten it right back with a surprise attack at the end! Battle Kraken 3.0 has a cheap attack called Poison Darts that does massive damage. Unfortunately, it also makes Battle Kraken Pass for the next two rounds, but if you save the attack for Plasma Locust’s squishing blow, no problem!
  • Build that Muscle! Frustrated that your Nanovor aren’t making Plasma Locust sleep with the fishes quickly enough? Use your Electrobull 1.0 to Dig In and increase your swarm’s strength. Then, swap in your Electropod 2.0 after playing down a Red Spike with Tank Walker 1.0, and hit Plasma Locust with an enhanced Powerball!
  • Don’t Let It Spike! Plasma Locust will have an alpha Nanovor enhancing its attack with a Yellow Spike on the first round. Prevent this from happening by using Gigastriker 1.0’s Meltdown to fizzle out the alpha for a round! Plasma Locust will have to wait another turn to execute its attack, leaving you more time to do damage!


  • Plasma Locusts filled the role of both scientists and "undertakers" within Velocitron society. While Nanovor cannot die in the conventional sense, they do have to take some time to reform their components prior to complete reformation. Plasma Locusts studied this process with immense curiosity. I theorize that they were watching for telltale signs that would lead to a "dead" Nanovor's evolution due to reformation. Although morbid, as Monty said, this served a critical function among Nanovor, allowing some subspecies to survive and evolve while others that reached an evolutionary dead end were prevented from continuing their existence. 

-Dr. Zap

Possible evolutions include:

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