Plasma Locust 3.0

Plasma Locust 3.0 is the evolution of Plasma Locust 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Each time Plasma Locust 3.0 comes on scene, he comes from the shadows and always has a creepy smile. It always seems like he should put on a pair of sunglasses and a trench coat so he can work on his research in secret. Even though he is a bit creepy, he is a really intelligent Nanovor and always has a plan of attack. He is always ready to perform an attack, which can be used anytime, and he won’t disappoint you unless his research requires that he does.

Plasma Locust is an attempt by Plasma Lash to take a more offensive role in combat; even his STR reducing tactics can involve damage when powered with a Yellow Spike.

Plasma Locust 3.0 is very much in character; dark, sinister, and unexpected. Unexpected for the following reasons:

  • His SV is very high for any member of the Plasma family, resting at a record 280.
  • He is one of the first Nanovor to have a fourth move, and is capable of placing his own Yellow Spike overrides.
  • Plasma Locust 3.0's strength is too much for it to handle sometimes; be sure to carefully plan your Locust Whips.

Plasma Locust 3.0's ability to remove overrides disappears and his ability to reduce the target's STR returns.


  • Every time I see Plasma Locust, he’s emerging out of the shadows with some creepy smirk on his face. He seems like he should always be wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, peering at the public secretly for his scientific research. But even though he gives me the creeps, he’s probably one of the smartest and most strategy-savvy Nanovor out there. Always prepared to do combo attacks, and perfect for any moment in battle, he’ll never let you down (unless doing so would benefit his research, of course).



  • There’s really no reason not to include Plasma Locust 3.0 in your swarm. First of all, it can use its own Spike override—no need to stock your swarm with alphas this time! Not only that, but its attacks have such different costs that you’ll never run low on energy. Bring it out any time in the game. It can start the battle with its Headbutt or a Yellow Spike, then Plasma Zap or Locust Whip for some extreme damage. Try and use Plasma Blast near the end of the battle, so not too much of your strength gets siphoned away. As for the other attacks, use then whenever possible. There’s no disadvantage to swapping Plasma Locust 3.0 into battle at any time, especially because its health is so high that it’s got some definite staying power.


  • Watch your Strength! Plasma Locust likes to Zap your strength away, so make sure you’ve got enough to spare. Use overrides that increase your strength, like Electrobull 1.0’s Dig In. Start off with your Electropod 1.0 to attack with Electroshock, then swap in your Electrobull 1.0 and Dig In for some Strength! Now your Nanovor will be able to spare some muscle mass.
  • Play the Speed Game! Plasma Locust is so formidable that it may come down to a one-on-one battle. It’s always important to have speedy Nanovor, because whoever gets the first hit in will win! Stock your swarm with some quick Hexites like Spike Spine 2.0 and Battle Kraken 3.0, who can get some damage in before Plasma Locust even lifts a limb!
  • Watch the Energy! Play the battle with some inexpensive attacks like Tank Walker 2.0’s Headbutt. Then, when the opponent has a reasonable amount of energy (four or above), hit the opponent with your Spike Hornet 1.0’s Gutbuster attack for some cheap but ridiculous damage!


  • Plasma Locust 3.0 has evolved beyond my expectations. I can’t help but feel empathy for this researcher… a scientist myself, I understand its inner conflict: it wants desperately to prove theories, yet can’t help that it needs to go into the battlefield to do so. It seems both reluctant and enthusiastic in battle, like it relishes but also loathes the experience of fighting. What’s even more fascinating than its battle personality is that it appears to have added more factors into the competition: it has equipped itself with its own spike. Plasma Locust evidently prefers as much independence as possible. 

-Dr. Zap

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.

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