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Psi Scarab 1.0.png

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.


  • I love to play with Psi Scarab 1.0, but just because I like to keep my friends close and enemies closer. Okay so it isn’t my ENEMY, but I do think it’s the scariest thing on the planet. I mean, it’s really not my fault that it looks exactly like the boogeyman that I see in my closet sometimes after I watch scary movies… Yeah yeah, make fun of me all you want, but Psi Scarab is just too creepy for words! I mean it’s got two tongues! Oh, and it slithers. Yeah. Well I mean it doesn’t just slither, it moves in like every way possible. How am I supposed to tell if it’s creeping up behind me if it keeps changing the way it walks?! Oh man… I really have to get to know Psi Scarab better, or else I’m not going to be able to sleep for days!



This Nanovor was first made available 02/27/10. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Psi Blaster 1.0 using the EMs 2M2, 2V4 and 2M3 in that order.


  • Psi Scarab 1.0 is big on teamwork. What makes it such a valuable and interesting Nanovor is its ability to use not one Spike color, but TWO! Better use that to your advantage! Make sure you stock your swarm with at least one Magnamod and Velocitron Alpha, so that you can use both of Psi Scarab 1.0’s extra treats. Psi Scarab can come in as early as the second round after a Spike is played, ideally to swap-block the opponent with Tonguefire, or, if the opponent is heavily armored, to siphon some strength and crack some Armor with Psi Cannon. But while Psi Scarab is one complicated Nanovor, it still understands the beauty of simplicity—its Scarab Slash can do pure damage mid-game whenever necessary.


  • Stock up on Strength! Psi Scarab 1.0 might very well try to shrink your muscles, so make sure that you’ve got enough Strength to spare. Play with your Electrobull 1.0 so that you can Dig In and gain enough Strength to both pack a heavy punch, and be prepared for the worst.
  • Whip out a Tank! No, not a Tank Walker—a Tank Strider! Bring out your Tank Strider 1.0 to absorb Psi Scarab’s heavy blows with its thick Armor and high health. Tank Strider will hopefully be able to use its heavy damage attacks and zap Psi Scarab 1.0 before it pierces through Tank Strider’s shell!
  • Crack out the Kraken! Can’t stand that Psi Scarab 1.0 keeps blocking you? Well bring in your Battle Kraken 3.0 and use Hack Zap whenever Psi Scarab tries to lock you down. You’ll delete the most recent hack, so you won’t have to fear that block anymore!


  • It’s difficult to determine exactly what this Nanovor’s true personality is like. With every attack it makes, it changes its type of locomotion. Perhaps that’s it—perhaps it doesn’t even know how it’s supposed to act. Everything about it is a paradox. It has two tongues that should be frightening, but they’re pink and orange. That’s like seeing a black knight with a furry sword. I don’t understand what frightens the kids so much about this Nanovor. To me, it just seems rather confused.

-Dr. Zap