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Psi Shard 1.0-0.png

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.


  • Is it just me or do you feel like something’s watching you? Oh my bad, I guess I just feel creeped out because Psi Shard 1.0’s ENTIRE BODY is an eye. I mean sure, maybe it would be cute if its eye weren’t a bloody red, but this guy just gives me the chills! I do like that it’s soccer ball-round though… Still, I think I’m the only one that’s creeped out by this guy. Lucas and the guys all tell me I’m being silly, but I constantly feel like it can see me! Man, I shudder even thinking about it! I do NOT envy the Nanovor that has to fight against Psi Shard 1.0!



This Nanovor was first made available 03/13/10. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Psi Blaster 1.0 using the EMs 2H3, 2M1 and 2M4 in that order.


  • Clearly, Psi Shard 1.0 is designed to strip away Armor, because Breakthrough is an amazing attack. It’s so cheap that you can use it early game to do some simple damage, or pair it with a Red Spike and strip the Armor off of some a haughty Magnamod. But if stripping away Armor isn’t your style, attack mid-game with Psi Shard 1.0’s Driller to do some awesome Armor-piercing damage. Pair this attack up with a Blue Spike, and you’ve got yourself some insane damage! Psi Drain may not do any damage, but it’s still fantastic. If you play it mid-game as soon as possible, when the opponent doesn’t have too much Energy to spare, you can ensure a fizzle and also hopefully take away some Speed from those Nanovor that keep winning the race.


  • Don't Let It Escape! Start off with your Turbo Cannon 1.0 and play down a Yellow Spike. Then, swap in your Psi Scarab 1.0 and attack with Scarab Slash to block Psi Shard 1.0 for 3 rounds and deal some moderate damage. Attack with your Psi Blaster 2.0’s Brain Freeze for some more damage, then finish Psi Shard 1.0 off with Shard Slider 1.0’s Shard Slice. 
  • Snatch Some Speed! Begin the battle with your Hyper Ripper 1.0 and play down a Red Spike. Then, swap in your Hypertusk 2.0 and attack with Poison Stench to zap away all of Psi Shard 1.0’s Speed. Then, keep in your Hypertusk 2.0 and attack with Hyperbelch for an insane amount of damage. Finish Psi Shard 1.0 off with your Shard Runner 2.0’s Fire Smash.
  • Use a Spike! Stop Psi Shard 1.0 in its tracks! Start off with your War Charger 1.0 and attack twice with Battle Rush. Then, use it to play down a Blue Spike. Swap in your Shard Runner 2.0 and attack with Shard Shatter for the squishing blow!


  • Based on its rather unusual anatomical configuration, one cannot reasonably hypothesize that Psi Shard 1.0 was a skilled melee fighter. Rather, it’s likely that Psi Shard 1.0 dwelled in high towers, peering out in to the distance and ever-ready to alert the troops of oncoming danger. Its attacks are consistent with this theory—its incapable of doing massive damage without assistance from an ally, and its most powerful attack merely slows the opponent rather than inhibiting entirely. Still, though it can’t do crippling damage on its own, its incredible spying ability makes it an irreplaceable asset.

-Dr. Zap