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Rumble Hound looks like one of those ancient Chinese dogs; who knows, maybe it could be your best friend!

Rumble Hound 2.0 faces tough competition from Tank Walker 2.0, although they have several key differences:

  • Tank Walker 2.0 takes more EN to deal more damage.
  • Rumble Hound 2.0 can deal roughly the same damage for 1 EN, but also ignore armor!

Below is a comparison of the two:

Tank Walker 2.0 120 120 10 15 240
Rumble Hound 2.0 120 115 10 15 275


  • For some reason, my mom’s got it in her head that she should make me help her tend the garden. Do I seem like someone who enjoys weed-pulling and leaf-clipping?! Worse still, yesterday she gave me this huge bag to carry. I asked her what was in it, and she replied simply, “rocks.” Yeah, have your son carry around an enormous BAG OF ROCKS. I can’t complain though—it was kinda fun. It reminded me so much of Rumblehound 2.0! I mean he’s basically just made of a bag of rocks. Can you imagine how hard it would be to squish that?! No wonder it’s so hard to beat Rumblehound 2.0 down. I love playing with that little guy in battle so much. Not only is it super dependable, but it’s so wise! I’ve definitely got a soft spot for that little Nanovor grin.



This Nanovor was made available with the release of wave 2 on 02/23/10. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Rumble Hound 1.0 using the EMs 2M3, 2M1 and 2M2 in that order.


  • Rumblehound 2.0 is like your swarm’s go-to guy. You can swap it in as soon as the second round to make a heavy hit, or save Rumblehound 2.0 for late game, when you can use your huge amount of Energy to have Rumblehound 2.0 stock up on some Armor with the Defense Override. With such a tough shell, Rumblehound 2.0 also makes an excellent tank—sort of an absorber of damage. And as good as it is at gaining armor, it’s equally as good at taking it away. Play down a Red Spike with one of your trusty alphas. Then, swap in your Rumblehound 2.0 when you’re against a Nanovor with an equally tough exterior, and attack with Breakthough, which will do damage and strip away Armor. Essentially, Rumblehound 2.0 can be swapped in as soon as you’ve got enough energy to attack, but generally, it’s best played mid-game, or as your swarm’s trusty tank.


  • Stock up on Armor! Play against Rumblehound 2.0 with your Hyper Ripper 1.0. For the first two rounds, keep your Armor up with Hardshell. Then, use your Energy to attack with Fireplow, which will do some much-needed damage. Swap in your Tank Walker 2.0 for an Ion Gore, and Rumblehound will be close to done for.
  • Strip away its Shell! Start off with your Phase Stormer 1.0 and play down a Yellow Spike. Then, swap in your Blaze Dragon 2.0 to attack with Scorch. Rumblehound 2.0 will lose some serious armor, and take moderate damage! Repeat as necessary.
  • Siphon some Strength! Rumblehound packs one heavy punch, so do your best to make it do less damage. Use your Plasma Lash 1.0 to attack with Electrolite for a couple of rounds to make sure Rumblehound 1.0’s attacks will do little more than bounce harmlessly off of your Nanovor. Then, use some heavy hitters like your Tank Walker 2.0 to ensure a Rumblepuddle.


  • I continue to not know the exact place of this Nanovor in its society, though I must say: it is one of the strongest creatures I’ve encountered yet. Clearly, this Nanovor was built to navigate the harsh weather and mountainous terrain of Eastern Asia. Surely this physical stamina and durability helps it succeed in battle. Essentially, it’s a tank—an indestructible, extremely tough force. It seems docile enough though, I would hardly call it cruel or arrogant. I’ll continue to observe its demeanor in order to make more accurate suggestions about its possible social position.

-Dated Entry: Dr. Zap, 42 days, 6 hours

Possible evolutions include: