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Rumble Squid 1.0 is the evolution of Rumble Hound 2.0 and is a Wave 2 Nanovor.

Rumble Squid looks like one of those stereotypical jocks in a high school; boasting their strength and being slow, but Rumble Squid will surprise you!

  • Rumble Squid is fast for a Magnamod, at 35 SPD!
  • It can place a +20 STR override, boosting it to 160!
  • It does not consume a Red Spike when it uses Eraser!
  • Rumbler provides moderate damage for dirt cheap! Strips ARM with a Red Spike!

The only downside is it's extravagant SV.

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.


  • So you know those big jocky meathead jerks that seem to pepper the halls of every school? Yeah well that’s at first what I thought Rumble Squid 1.0 would be like—big and dumb and slow. I was TOTALLY WRONG! Rumble Squid 1.0 is quick and awesome and smart and—man it’s just EVERYTHING! Its attacks are THE CRAZIEST! I mean, one of them looks like magic, one of them looks like he’s squirting out Kool-aid, and all of them look fantastic. Rumble Squid 1.0 is an incredible performer. I guess it’s the master of disguise too if it managed to trick me into thinking that it was some lazy empty-brained butt-scratcher.



This Nanovor was made available with the release of wave 2 on 02/23/10. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Rumble Hound 2.0 using the EMs 2M4, 2M6, 2M3 and 2M2 in that order.


  • Rumble Squid 1.0 is the perfect edition to any swarm. Whatever you need, it’s got it. Your opponent keeps making terrifying Spike combos that tear your swarm apart? No problem: use Eraser to delete the Override and do additional damage. Or if your opponent is super strong, just use Stronger to buff up your own muscles! This costs a lot of energy though so play it late game, or whenever you find yourself with 5 EN to spare. And for a cheap damage attack, Rumbler is an awesome choice. It can be used early game to get some damage in, or it can be paired with a Red Spike to strip off some Armor at any point in the game. But if the opposing Nanovor is just plain difficult to beat, trap it with Blocker. No Nanovor can escape the inevitable squish when it has nowhere to run off to!


  • Make it Pay for its Strength! Rumble Squid 1.0 certainly has some thick muscles. If it increases its Strength with Stronger, you can make is wish it hadn’t. Again though, only use this strategy when Rumble Squid 1.0 has over 140 Strength. Start off with your War Charger 1.0 and attack for three rounds with Battle Rush. Then, swap in your Phase Spiker 1.0 and attack with Flying Fang to destroy Rumble Squid with massive damage!
  • Don’t let Armor be a Problem! There are plenty of Armor-piercing attacks out there, so use them to your advantage! Start off with your Shard Slider 1.0 and attack with Shard Slice to save some Energy. Then, swap in your Hypertusk 1.0 and attack with Belch for some Armor-piercing damage. Swap Shard Slider 1.0 back in and attack with Shard Slice for one round, then play down a Blue Spike. For the squishing blow, swap in your Triton Manta 3.0 and attack with Blue Thunder.
  • Get Rid of Its Armor Early! Rumble Squid 1.0 is much less threatening with its Armor gone, so start the round with your Thunderpoid 1.0 and play down a Red Spike. Then, swap in your Psi Shard 1.0 and attack with Breakthrough to strip off some Amor and do some damage. Now Rumble Squid 1.0 is yours for the squishing!


  • It’s extraordinarily difficult to imagine what Rumble Squid 1.0 could have done in the time of the Nanovor. It could have been a fabulous warrior, or a mystic, or a scout, or an instructor. It’s quick for how large and strong it is, and it has hefty enough Armor that I could claim its position as a melee fighter. But something tells me it was too valuable of a battle asset to be placed in the front lines. No, this Nanovor must have been some sort of leader.

-Dr. Zap