Nanovor Wiki

Speed, or SPD, is the stat that determines which Nanovor moves first in a battle.

SPD is a modifiable attribute; meaning that a Nanovor's SPD can be permanently increased through the use of Jolts.

Having a higher SPD stat than your opponent only makes it more likely to go first, not a guarantee to go first. The SPD stat works like this:

  • Every turn, every SPD point of every Nanovor on the field is pooled into a ballot. Think of SPD points as how many ballots you have in that ballot box.
    • Tank Strider 1.0 only has a SPD stat of 5, meaning it only has 5 votes in that box.
    • Giga Wing 1.0 has a SPD stat of 80, meaning it has 80 votes in that box.
  • Tank Strider 1.0 has only about a 5.88% (5/85) chance of going first, but still has that chance due to how SPD works.
    • However, Giga Wing has a 94.12% (80/85) chance of going first instead.

There are some overrides that affect a Nanovor's SPD:

Some attacks reduce an enemy's SPD, giving you a greater chance of going first!

Hexites have the highest SPD of any faction of Nanovor on average.