Swarm Value, or SV, is the expense of putting a Nanovor on a team. Usually the most useful Nanovor have a high SV and the least useful have a low SV, which balances the Nanovor metagame.

SV is an unmodifiable attribute; meaning that a Nanovor's SV cannot be modified through the use of Jolts.

Nanovor with exceptionally low SV, such as Plasma Lash 1.0 and Blaze Dragon 1.0, can fit almost anywhere on any team, with their low swarm values of a mere 155.

Nanovor with absurdly strong powers have correspondingly absurd swarm values, such as the 380 SV of an Electropod 3.0 or the 375 SV of a Rumble Squid 1.0.

For reference, traditional Nanovor swarms can only have a party that sums up to 1000 SV.

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