Spike Hornet 1.0

Spike Hornet 1.0 is the evolution of Spike Spine 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Spike Hornet is the comedian Nanovor; all of it's moves are named after humor techniques, and even laughs when it defeats the opponent.

Spike Hornet 1.0 shares the power to deal damage based on the opponent's EN; Gutbuster deals less damage than Giga Wing 1.0's Smackdown, but for less EN. That'll teach the opponent to excessively stockpile EN!

Other than Gutbuster, there is not many other redeeming factors over Spike Spine 2.0, other than Heckle's ability to reduce the target's EN.


  • Back when I was nine or ten years old, my parents took me to a circus. As soon as we got there, I started gorging myself on the stuff and sure enough, I started feeling like I was going to puke. Three tiny cars zoomed out into the center ring and about a hundred clowns poured out of them. They started roaming around the crowed, doing tricks and getting people to do stupid things. One clown, with frizzy fire red hair and the biggest painted on grin I've even seen picked me, little about-to-throw-up-ten-year-old-Lucas and started doing pretending like he was pulling all these silk cloths from my mouth. Everyone was laughing and pointing, thinking it was hilarious. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and let everything fly, right on Mr. Chuckle's shoes. I have to give him credit -- he rolled with it, got everyone laughing again, and then got the heck out of there. Why do I bring this up? Because that's Spike Hornet. The evil clown who never knows when to let up and thinks everything he does is hilarious. I've never been back to the circus since.



  • Spike Hornet is funny, but not ha-ha funny. He's got a mean sense of humor, especially when it comes to using your opponent's energy pool against them. Bring him out midgame when your opponent has built up enough energy for you to get a little scared. Use Gutbuster first to take advantage of this high pool and deal what could potentially a lot of damage. If they know that you've got a Spike Hornet waiting in your reserve, they might actually try to spend as much energy as possible to avoid having it used against them. If so, swap in Spike Hornet and use Heckle to try and keep your opponent's energy low. Especially if you can bring in your big guns, like Phase Tank, to smack 'em while they can't fight back.


  • Try Your Luck! Spike Hornet is known for his jokester attitude and his luck-based Wisecrack attack, so pull a fast one on him for a change and use the Dodge Override! Start off with a light attack like Tank Walker 2.0's Headbutt, and then swap in your Circuit Flyer 2.0 and use the Dodge Override. Adding this element of chance in your favor is sure to make the battle a fair one!
  • Don't Underestimate the Pass! It seems like passing for a round is giving up, but really, it allows you to make two powerful attacks in a row! Send out a tank with high health or heavy armor like your Mega Scorpion 2.0 -- tanks can pass in the first round and take a hit. Then, swap in your Plasma Lash 2.0 and use Zeus Zap to do some damage and swap-block the opponent. Once Spike Hornet is locked in, swap your Mega Scorpion 2.0 back in and attack with Acid Sting! Spike Hornet should be one crispy critter!
  • Guarantee Yourself the Final Hit! Sometimes all it comes down to is the last turn. If you keep finding yourself losing just because Spike Hornet is so speedy, then use your Circuit Flyer 2.0! After saving up some energy, use the Power Rush override to increase your speed. Then, end the battle with a Hexite like Battle Kraken 2.0. Your Nanovor will be sure to get the final blow!


  • Among Nanovor, Spike Hornet serves as a type of entertainer or even a comedian. Of course, like any comedy, it tends to get lost in translation and what Nanovor consider hilarious, we might consider, well, violent. Spike Hornets are a common Nanovor, indicating that they were far more successful as a subspecies than one would otherwise expect. Perhaps this is because Spike Hornet's abilities rely so heavily on its opponent's pool of energy, allowing it to take advantage of what would otherwise be considered a detriment to survival. 

-Dr. Zap

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