Spike Hornet 3.0

Spike Hornet 3.0 is the evolution of Spike Hornet 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Spike Hornet is the comedian Nanovor; all of it's moves are named after humor techniques, and even laughs when it defeats the opponent.

If you didn't think laughing to death was real, Spike Hornet 3.0 is a specialist.


  • I just wanna take this little guy around with me all the time. He could fit in my pocket and tell knock-knock jokes just to make me snicker. It’s pretty cool, he looks just like a Christmas decoration with his multi-colored head baubles. Drew even pointed out that his shiny green back looks like it’s draped with tinsel. Leave it to girls to point out the pretty things… My favorite part about Spike Hornet 3.0 is his awesome Pun-ish attack! Ha ha… pun-ish… I just got it.



  • Spike Hornet 3.0 is great for any point in battle. It’s especially useful to use its Knock Knock attack to both block the opponent and reduce the opponent’s speed in the first round. That joke will surely won’t have the other team laughing. For some real chuckles, swap Spike Hornet in mid-game to attack with Ventriloquist. Now your swarm will be more likely to dodge for the rest of the battle. Spike Hornet isn’t really a damage-dealer, but it’s a great finisher. Since its speed is so high, swap it in when the opposing Nanovor is almost reduced to Nanogoo, and attack with Riddle for the squishing blow. Spike Hornet’s so fast, it won’t even take any damage that round.


  • Be Bulky! Spike Hornet 3.0 has a lot of cool attacks, but damage isn’t its strong point. Play against it with your Nanovor that have heavy armor, like Mega Scorpion 2.0 or Tank Strider 1.0. Then, when Spike Hornet tries to hit you, you’ll be hidden behind your shroud of thick skin!
  • Dodge the Block! Maybe Spike Hornet 3.0 won’t think his Riddles are so funny when you dodge them! Swap in your Circuit Flyer 2.0 to use the Dodge override, and increase your chances of jumping around Spike Hornet’s attacks!


  • For those that feel clowns are actually scary and maybe even demented – well Spike Hornet 3.0 seems to be the example. Like his earlier versions he seems to think what his actions are humorous and even good natured. Yet, in reality they are, at least to my observation, cruel and even deadly – well, deadly in battle – to other Nanovor. The addition of a fourth attack – nearly unheard of in the Nanovor kingdom (to date) – and the fact that it allows it to dodge attacks seems to add insult to the injury it has already caused. 

-Dr. Zap

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further.

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