Spike Spine 1.0-0

Spike Spine 1.0 is the Alpha Nanovor of the Spike tree and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Spike Spine is dangerous in battle; expect it to come out of hiding when your Nanovor is low on HP; the combination of its high STR and SPD means it can finish off opponents without getting hurt.

Spike Spine 1.0 shares the same likeness as their sister, Gigastriker 1.0, both having low HP values and no ARM but high SPD and low EN usage.

However, while Gigastriker can manipulate the enemy's EN pool and trigger fizzles, Spike Spine can instead support the team with a (very) minimalistic STR boost.


  • Spike Spine is what you would call "high-strung." This means that if you so much as touch it when it's not looking, it's likely to blast everything and everyone around it. I just stay faaaar away when using Spike Spine in a battle. If it were a person, Spike Spine would be that scrawny-looking guy in the coffee shop, jabbering away about conspiracy theories to anyone that will listen, all the while sucking back 20 ounce black drips with espresso chasers. That nervous energy keeps it fast though, and when it has access to a lot of energy, it's REALLY HAPPY TO BE THERE!



  • With its cheap attack, you're going to be tempted to put Spike Spine into the battle first. Me, I think that the risk of losing it before I get a chance to use its override just isn't worth it. So I pair it up with a different Hexite to lead with a cheap, effective attack. Let that guy take the hits while Spike Spine waits for the moment to come out and let loose with Power Rush or a Blue Spike, paving the way for the heavy thunder you've got hidden deep in your swarm.

When it comes to training time, Spike Spine doesn't have a heck of a lot of room to grow, but some is better than none. Strength training is always good for when it does end up out there in the thick of things, and though Spike Spines are already Hexite-fast it never hurts to make one even faster to help ensure they get that override off when the time comes. Armor's definitely the thing to go for first, though--the difference between no armor (like most Spike Spines have) and some armor (which a trained Spike Spine should have as soon as possible) is the difference between falling down and staying in the fight for one more turn. The Spike Spines want to stay in the fight.  Get out there and train up your Spike Spine's Armor!


  • Splat Him in Two Rounds! Sound too good to be true? It isn't. To splat Spike Spine 1.0 this quickly, bring out Tank Walker 1.0 and put down a Red Spike override. Then, whip out your Electropod 2.0 and use Powerball to do a whopping amount of damage that will shower the screen in Spike Spine goo in just one hit!
  • Use Overrides for More Power! There's not just one way to kill Spike Spine 1.0 quickly: put down a Red Spike with Electropod 1.0 and then bring out Gamma Fury 2.0 for a Two-Fisted Hit! Spike Spine might still be holding on to a teeny amount of health, so bring Electropod 1.0 back out and finish Spike Spine off with the trusty Electroshock.
  • Save Energy for Heavy Damage! It may take a little longer but it's just as effective: use your Plasma Lash 1.0 or any Nanovor with a 1 EN attack for the first two rounds to save up some EN for Mega Scorpion 2.0's Acid Sting, and watch Spike Spine melt away!


  • In Hexite society, Spike Spines appeared to be some kind of dissident or rabble-rousing category. While there are plenty of sociological reasons for this, I'm trying to determine why this would occur on an evolutionary level. Perhaps the Spike Spine's Power Rush ability serves as a way to "charge up" the crowd, getting the swarm to both do what the Spike Spine wants or as a method of distracting other Nanovor -- it gives them something and they in turn leave it alone. It's a vicious cycle, however, because it seems that Spike Spine is never satisfied in letting things go, resulting in its seeking attention and repeating the process over and over again. 

-Dr. Zap

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