Spike Spine 2.0

Spike Spine 2.0 is the evolution of Spike Spine 1.0, and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Spike Spine is dangerous in battle; expect it to come out of hiding when your Nanovor is low on HP; the combination of its high STR and SPD means it can finish off opponents without getting hurt.

It's override, Pump It Up, grants an additional 1 EN per turn that a Hexite is being actively played by your swarm; use this to your advantage and build a swarm of Hexites that can utilize this bonus.


  • Spike Spine 2.0 is just like Spine Spine with an additional jolt of caffeine and hooked up to a car battery for good measure. Those extremely rare moments when it's not doing anything are exactly the times that you should look out -- cuz it's gonna 'splode! It loves hanging out with other Hexites, who seem to be the only Nanovor that don't get annoyed with it flying around in little circles and jabbering away about nothing in particular. Like some other Nanovor, it'll spark and sputter with little jolts of electricity when it's excited, which is to say ALL THE TIME. It's super cool on the battlefield, but I'm really glad that it's not an actual human because I think that it'd drive me nuts after awhile. At least this way I can pop it inside my Nanoscope and let it "talk" some other Nanovor's ear off.



  • Spike Spine 2.0 should be kept in reserve until you've built up a bank of energy to take advantage of its abilities, leaving a little bit left for clean up. If you can, wait until you have enough energy to use Pump It Up the first round that it hits the battlefield -- as long as you keep it in or swap it for other Hexites in your swarm, you'll be bringing in energy like it's payday at Mickey Dee's. Save Power Sink to use against those Nanovor that rely heavily on their speed to get their hits in first. Tricksters like Gigastriker or Battle Kraken tend to care more about that stat. Magnamods and some Velocitrons, however, really feel the pain when their armor starts to take a nose dive. If you're playing with Spike Spine 2.0, you're probably relying on other energy hogs to do your beatdown for you. So, it's okay to play it safe with Spike Spine, swapping it in for its override or mod, and then getting out of there, using it as your reserve during the end game with its Arcing Gore.


  • Be Fast! As a Hexite, Spike Spine’s got some rather intimidating speed. Luckily, the Velocitron family has a secret weapon! Battle Spike Spine with Storm Spinner 2.0—it can use Speed Demon to do damage and simultaneously increase its own speed! With Storm Spinner 2.0 in play, you’re sure to get the last hit.
  • Be Furious! Even though it seems scary, Spike Spine’s not too tough when it comes to health points. Startle Spike Spine by setting up your Gamma Fury 1.0 with a Red Spike, then use Gamma Fury to attack with Two-Fisted Hit. Finish Spike Spine off with a Tentacle Whip from a Nanovor that is guaranteed to go first: Battle Kraken 2.0.
  • Bring On the Mags! Magnamods have the slight upper hand on Velocitrons in some respect, so put lots of Magnamods like Gamma Stalker 2.0 in your swarm in order to use Phase Fang and teach Spike Spine to dare attack you!


  • Like its alpha form, Spike Spine 2.0 appears to have been a heckler and rabble-rouser in prehistoric Nanovor society.  Any time Hexite society became too complacent, Spike Spine 2.0 was there to challenge the status quo and incite the Hexites to fight each other, then regroup, leaving the family stronger the next time it faced off against the Magnamods. 

-Dr. Zap

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