Storm Spinner 2.0 is the evolution of Storm Spinner 1.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Storm Spinner may look familiar; it's on the Nanovor icon! Storm Spinner is quite literally the most iconic Nanovor of them all, facing tough competition from the likes of Tank WalkerGamma Fury, and Phase Spiker, who all appear on different Nanovor titles.

Storm Spinner 2.0 can do what Storm Spinner 1.0 can but better (maybe that's why they look so similar...), at the cost of more SV:

  • Reflex Zap is like Crystal Trap, but it buys one more turn of swap-blocking for the cost of 1 more EN.
  • Spin Strike now deals 33 armor-piercing damage!
  • Storm Spinner 2.0 can quickly gain momentum with Speed Demon, causing moderate damage, and accelerating Storm Spinner 2.0 to speeds competing with Hexites!

It's easy to confuse a Storm Spinner 1.0 with a Storm Spinner 2.0; however a Storm Spinner 2.0 is different as marked by an indigo tinge seen at the tip of its tail.

Possible evolutions include: