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Tank Walker 2.0.png

Tank Walker 2.0 using Headbutt

Tank Walker 2.0 continues the Tank Walker tradition by solely providing heavy, expensive damage and SPD sabotage, but Tank Walker 2.0 is different in that it can also deal cheap damage through Headbutt.

Tank Walker 2.0 works best when he has plenty of EN; save up your EN and then swap him in to wipe the floor with your (enemy's) face!

Tank Smash is also useful for severely crippling the SPD of opposing Nanovor, which can compensate for Tank Walker 2.0's snail speed.


  • Tank Walker 2.0 is still overprotective and slightly paranoid like his earlier version. However, this upgrade is definitely waaay more aggressive. He still apparently doesn't like things that move faster than HE does. Tank Walker 2.0 has a nasty attack (Headbutt), a brutal attack (Ion Gore), and a just plain rude attack (Tank Smash) that drains the target's speed! Maybe Tank Walker 2.0 feels that the best defense is a good offense? I don't know but he's easily one of the most solid Nanovor in my swarm and I know that I can depend on him to get the job done. He's sort of like the big, rusty hammer in my dad's toolbox: it weighs a ton, but when you need a nail driven, nothing else works better.



This Nanovor was made available with the release of wave 1 on 07/30/09. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Tank Walker 1.0 using the EMs 1M1, 1M2 and 1M3 in that order.


  • Tank Walker 2.0 can be played effectively at almost any point in the battle. With his great stats and powerful attacks, he's pretty straight forward in his butt-kicking. It's best to pair him up with another Nanovor with a speed override, like Gamma Stalker 2.0, so he's not always going last in a fight. Feel free to use Headbutt every round while you crank up your energy, waiting for the magic number to let loose an Ion Gore. Tank Smash is fantastic, causing a crippling loss of 40 speed in the opponent's Nanovor. Use it often on Hexites and Velocitrons who rely on their speed to get the job done. Just remember that Tank Walker 2.0 is tough, but not indestructible. I've been there before and it's easy to lose track of the damage because you're mesmerized by his great armor and fat wad of health. Still, if you're willing to go for the sacrifice, let Tank Walker 2.0 take one for the team, sucking up your opponent's time and energy as they try to bring him down.


  • Tie Down the Tank! Tank Walker may be one beefy Nanovor, but not even the Hulk can survive when he's tied down! Start with your Mega Scorpion 1.0 and put in a Red Spike. Then, swap in your Gamma Stalker 2.0 and attack with Zip Zap. This attack will do moderate damage, and more importantly, swap-block Tank Walker so that it can't escape while you chip away at its health!
  • Attack With Fury! Tank Walker's got a lot of health to deal with, so why not use a big attack? Start the battle with your Tank Walker 1.0 and lay down a Red Spike. Then, swap in your Gamma Fury 2.0 and attack with Two-Fisted Hit. This already awesome attack now does double the damage it would without the Red Spike!
  • Use the Spike Overrides! Start off with your Mega Scorpion 1.0 and attack with Killer Loogie. Then, put in the Red Spike. Then, upgrade and swap in your Mega Scorpion 2.0. Now that the Red Spike is in play, attack with Mega Blast. This attack will deal heavy damage, and swap-block the opponent, leaving Tank Walker vulnerable and unable to escape!


  • After Lucas informed me of how he discovered the original Tank Walker, I did some calculations. It appears that "modern" Nanovor have become even more dependent on the abundance of electricity and electronics in their new homes. When deprived of this constant stream of power, their hibernation causes pronounced shifts in their physiology. The weaker Nanovor die during these periods, while stronger Nanovor evolve at a staggering rate. This seems to be the case for Tank Walker 2.0--its hardy constitution allows it to survive "starvation" for longer periods of time, but the subsequent return of electricity can supercharge their metabolism more readily than other subspecies.

-Dr. Zap

Possible evolutions include: