Tank Walker 3.0

Tank Walker 3.0 is the evolution of Tank Walker 2.0 and is a Wave 1 Nanovor.

Tank Walker 3.0 stops playing the SPD sabotage game and focuses solely on heavy damage -- even with the help of Red Spike overrides.

Atom Smasher's ability to swap-block Nanovor after dealing massive damage is ideal for pairing him with Hexites which can swap in and land a final hit without taking damage.


  • When I was a kid, I looooooved playing with those little green army men that you could get in bags of like a hundred. If you picked up the "super" bag, you'd also get some flags, a couple of field cannons, and the best prize of all: a TANK. Dozens of these poor plastic soldiers were crushed under its treads and nothing short of nuclear weapons (in my head, at least) could take that thing out. That's pretty much Tank Walker 3.0. As tough as they get, he's like your own personal bodyguard. If your bodyguard were a tank. And shot lightning. Anyway, you get the idea -- he's almost indestructible and he knows it, squishing any Nanovor that get in his way.



  • When using Tank Walker 3.0, think about that tank. What's it good for? Blowing things up right good, that's what. With Headbutt, you can use Tank Walker 3.0 to bombard your opponent while building up energy. Ion Gouge is sure to get their attention. You add insult to injury if you use it with a Red Spike, because then it'll also do MORE damage that ignores armor! You're probably better off waiting until you have enough energy in your pool to use Atom Smasher first to swap block your opponent (if there's anything left to swap block), followed up with some Headbutts, or use Ion Gouge as the coup de grace that'll end the battle in a flash. Also, Tank Walker 3.0, like a regular tank, is great for providing cover for weaker Nanovor -- swap him in to give one of your injured Nanovor a break while you wait for your energy to build back up again. Of course, you may not need to swap in the other Nanovor if Tank Walker 3.0 has already turned the opponent into a puddle of green slime.


  • Use Your Phase Tank! We all love Phase Tank's amazing damage attacks, but you've gotta use them sparingly. Really, there's no better time to do so than against Tank Walker 3.0. It has such high health that you really don't have a choice! Start with Electropod 1.0 and attack with Electroshock for two rounds. Then you're ready to swap in your Phase Tank and attack with Cosmic Crush. After that attack, there'll be nothing left of Tank Walker but a sizzling pile of ash.
  • Strip Down that Armor! It's so hard to get under Tank Walker's skin when his armor is so thick. Start off with a cheap attack like your Plasma Lash 1.0's Head Whip for two rounds. That way, you'll have enough energy to whip out your Battle Phaser 1.0 and attack with Phase Strike. Not only does this attack ignore armor, but it also takes some away!
  • Make Tank Walker Weaker! You know, Tank Walker's only so scary because he's got the armor and those huge muscles. Luckily, there's an attack that'll take away both of those threats! After saving up some EN with some weak attacks early on, swap in your Doom Blade 2.0 and attack with Blunt Trauma. This attack ignores armor and saps your opponent's strength!


  • Tank Walker 3.0 is an incredible specimen providing some fascinating insights into Nanovor physiology. It seems that Tank Walker 3.0 is the result of increased amount of energy actually converting itself into additional mass: in this case, in the form of strength.  Discovery of these creatures is already groundbreaking in the extreme--I'm just thrilled (and more than a bit nervous) that they could upend physics as we know it!

-Dr. Zap

This Nanovor is fully evolved and cannot evolve further. (20)

Tank Walker 3.0 using Atom Smasher

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