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Possible evolutions include:


  • The summer is usually my favorite season (no contest, really—school’s out!) but this past summer, my mom got me a job helping out this lady in our neighborhood. My first task was to clean out her house. Simple enough, right? No. This lady must have kept like every newspaper since 1901. She had six televisions, all broken. And worst of all, she wouldn’t let me get rid of anything, even if it was obviously useless! I’d say “Mrs. Harrison, may I throw out this toothbrush missing all of the bristles?” And she’d croon, “of course not, dear! That’ll be worth something one day!” I started to groan, but then realized how much Mrs. Harrison is like Triton Spider 1.0! Sure, Triton Spider 1.0 isn’t a total slob, but it certainly holds on to all of its possessions. I mean, what else could be in that giant sac on its back? I’m pretty sure it derives all of its powers from its sac-o-goodies. So maybe Mrs. Harrison’s right: her things will come in handy! If she somehow becomes a Nanovor, that is…



This Nanovor was first made available 03/11/10. To obtain this Nanovor, you must evolve Triton Manta 1.0 using the EMs 2H2, 2H1 and 2H3 in that order.


  • Triton Spider 1.0 is there for your swarm to perform certain duties. Whenever the opponent is playing down too many spikes, or has a particularly effective override in play, use Triton Spider 1.0 to Obliterate the pesky override. But if the opponent has an incredibly strong, damage-heavy Nanovor in play, use Snare to block it for a whopping four rounds. For such an amazing attack, Snare is extremely affordable. Triton Spider 1.0’s cheapest attack, Fang Blast, is useful against Nanovor whose Armor is so thick that it becomes difficult to damage them. Use this attack early game, or when especially needed.


  • Slice it Up! Begin the battle with your trusty Rumble Squid 1.0 and attack with Rumbler. Then, swap in your Hyper Ripper 3.0 to attack with Hyperburrow for some heavy damage. To squish Triton Spider 1.0, burst its bubble with a Shard Slice from your Shard Slider 1.0!
  • Deal Heavy Damage! Triton Spider 1.0 talks a big talk, but with a few hits in the right places, it’ll be sure to splat right open. Start off with your Rumble Hound 1.0 and play down a Red Spike. Then, swap in your Hyperblade 1.0 and attack with Frost for some massive damage! Finish Triton Spider 1.0 of with a Cyber Shock from your Cyber Shark 1.0.
  • Zap Some Energy! Start off the round with your War Charger 1.0 and play down a Blue Spike. Then, swap in your War Thunderer 1.0 and attack with Thunder to take away a massive amount of energy and some health. Swap in your War Charger 2.0 to attack with Chop Drop, then a quick Pounce to squish Triton Spider 1.0!


  • Interesting… every time a new Nanovor is discovered, I can hardly believe how different it is from the rest of them. Triton Spider 1.0, however, is much more than different. It’s an anatomical marvel! It’s impossible to tell what it carries in its sac, but clearly it supplies it with some sort of power, since we can sometimes see the sac glowing with power before an attack. If Drew is correct that it has been accumulating things over the years, I suppose I could compare Triton Spider 1.0 to some sort of hermit, though nothing like a hermit has been seen in the world of Nanovor so far. I suppose every discovery reminds me just how much there is to learn about these fascinating creatures.

-Dr. Zap


  • Triton Spider 1.0, as well as Shard Runner 1.0, were incorrectly shown in their promotions for their 2.0 forms.